May 18, 2019

What you need to know about EU elections

By Ctrl Alt-Right Delete

What you need to know about the EU elections

Next week member nations of the European Union head to the polls for the European Parliament Election. The EU’s 28 nations (including the UK) will elect MEP’s to represent them in Brussels. American readers will want to follow this election closely. Radical right and far-right parties are projected to gain more influence than they’ve ever had before.

The far right is organized as a global movement. Just this week President Trump welcomed Hungarian far-right leader Viktor Orban to the White House. Trump praised Orban “tremendous job in so many different ways” adding that Orban was “Highly respected. Respected all over Europe. Probably like me, a little bit controversial, but that’s O.K. That’s O.K. You’ve done a good job, and you’ve kept your country safe.” A win for the far right in Europe is a win for Trump and a win for the entire coalition he’s galvanized around preserving white supremacy across the globe.

HOPE not hate has created a resource hub that will be continually updated through the election, More details on that below. We also have a guest article examining the Australian federal elections which took place yesterday.

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HOPE not hate’s Guide to the European Elections

Radical and far-right parties pose an unprecedented risk to the EU in its upcoming Parliamentary Elections next week on 23-26 May. In our new hub, you can find all of HOPE not hate’s coverage of this momentous vote. You’ll find a primer on the key electoral threat in each member state and our analysis of what a new far-right bloc would mean for protections against discrimination and the upholding of equality and democracy in the EU.

We have also published resources on everything you need to know about the main Islamophobic parties in three EU countries – Sweden, France and Germany – so that you can help us spread the word and fight back against them. We’ve carried out investigations into these and other parties’ youth-wings – who are set on collaborating to uphold this far-right bloc and have links to the international extreme far right – and have guest contributions looking at the situation for Romani people in Europe at this dangerous time and as well as an explainer on how the Italian far right have attempted to sell their hatred to the young and those who feel left behind.

We will also be adding new research and analysis throughout the election period, including an exclusive report from on-the-ground at this weekend’s rally of far-right parties in Milan and a breakdown of all the links between these parties and the dangerous ‘Identitarian’ movement that influenced the Christchurch killer.

Visit the HOPE not hate EU Elections Hub.

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Australia’s Federal Election and Far-Right Normalization

by the White Rose Society

The mainstream is taking a break from race-baiting, but the far right in Australia intend to continue throwing bricks through the Overton window. Read our guest analysis from Australian anti-fascist research group The White Rose Society on the state of the Australian far right during this electoral period here:

Australia’s Federal Election and Far-Right Normalization


CNN commissioned HOPE not hate to do the research for this report: A Gunman Slaughtered 11 Jewish Worshippers. Then People Hunted for Hate Online. “The deadliest attack on Jews in American history appears to have triggered a spike in anti-Semitic searches on Google, exclusive research by CNN shows. In the hours and days after 11 people were slaughtered inside the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last October, so many people typed hateful language into Google that it produced the most anti-Semitic searches seen in the last 12 months.”


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Vacation, All I’ve Ever Wanted

CARD is taking next week off for the Memorial Weekend holiday. My plans involve being on a beach and not thinking about Nazis. We’ll resume publication the following week with a guest article looking at Ireland’s ‘Irexit’ party and what it says about the reception of the country to the far right threat.

Talk to y’all again in June!