Fake News, the Alt-Right and Florida

02.23.18 By Right Response Team

It’s important to understand how the far right use fake news before we can effectively combat it.

Mueller cracks a cold one

02.18.18 By Ctrl Alt-Right Delete

Frogs and elephants

02.11.18 By Ctrl Alt-Right Delete

Identitarianism In America

02.10.18 By Simon Murdoch

The American alt-right is increasingly adopting the ideas, tactics and imagery of the young, tech-savvy European identitarian movement.

Gaming the system

02.04.18 By Ctrl Alt-Right Delete

Bots, Fake News and Russian influence on the Brexit referendum: A look at the evidence

02.02.18 By Dr Joe Mulhall

As evidence for Russian interference into the 2016 US Presidential election mounts, it is no surprise that many have begun to ask legitimate questions about whether similar Russian-directed subversion affected the 2016 Brexit referendum in the UK.

Game recognize game

02.02.18 By Melissa Ryan

Social media is being manipulated. Continually.

Bitcoin millionaires

01.28.18 By Ctrl Alt-Right Delete

Welcome to the first edition of Ctrl Alt Right Delete The Next Generation -- AKA The New Class -- AKA CARD 2.0.

Guide to this week’s right-wing conspiracies

01.27.18 By Melissa Ryan

A quick and dirty field guide to the Frog Squad's attempts to create a duelling news cycle.

Huge Bitcoin windfalls for the Alt-Right

01.26.18 By Dr. Joe Mulhall, Senior Researcher

Nazi trolls, alt-right vloggers and leading activists made millions from Bitcoin in 2017