Next week, Donald Trump will visit the UK. He will no doubt do something to upset our allies and further embarrass our country. That's why we want to get our apology in early and tell the British people that Donald Trump does not speak for all Americans.

Trump has proven time and time again that he does not have our country’s best interests at heart, and that he will willingly destroy relationships with our allies if it’s what suits his fancy and his ego in any given moment. We cannot rely on him to shepherd our country through such an important time in history.

We refuse to allow the bigotry and hatred he espouses to be seen as representative of America as a whole. His cruelty is not what our country should -- or will -- stand for. He may be loud, but together, we are louder.

Now we’re coming together to send a crystal-clear message to the world: Donald Trump does not represent us. Sign HOPE not hate U.S.A.’s letter now and join us in saying America is better than this.


#DearEngland: Donald Trump does not represent us.


To: The people of England
From: [Your Name]

Hey England, It’s us, America. Can we talk?

Ever since we heard Donald Trump was planning to visit the UK, we’ve been worried. We’re not worried about him showing up – we KNOW he’s going to do that. We’re worried what all of y’all will think of us because of him.

Before we go any further, we have to make one thing clear: we know that those of us signing this letter don’t speak for every single person in America. Some of our neighbors who voted for Trump back in 2016. But they do not represent all Americans any more than Donald Trump does—which is to say, not at all. For millions of us, Donald Trump represents America not as its leader or as an example of what we aspire to be, but rather as the embodiment of our nation’s deepest flaws and most profoundly entrenched shame. He isn’t “making America great again”—he’s amplifying the racism, sexism, and Islamophobia that we want to eradicate.

But in exposing the deeply shameful underbelly of our nation, Donald Trump has inadvertently reminded us of the things that are good and true about our nation — the things that are worth fighting for. We’re a good people, dammit, and we wanted to remind you of that.

Donald Trump’s cruelty toward immigrants does not represent us. The things that he has said about immigrants, people of color, and Muslims are not words spoken for the rest of us.

We know we can be a ostentatious neighbor with our commercials and loud sports and Big Gulp portions. But we love England and we think you have a sneaking like for us too, despite this big clown that got elected. All we ask is that you remember that while Donald Trump may be the loudest voice in America right now, he is not the only voice. Individually, our voices may not be quite as loud, but collectively, we can shake mountains (and ruffle toupés). Americans will not stop speaking up for what’s right and raising our voices in support of partnership and unity between our nations. Please do not stop listening for our voices and never, ever stop raising yours as well.

In solidarity,

Most of America