The year ahead

01.16.18 By Nick Lowles, CEO

2017 was year one for HOPE not hate in the US. Thank you to everyone who got involved at the very start. I'm writing to let you know what our plans for the year ahead.

Twitter bans nazis

12.19.17 By Safya Khan-Ruf, journalist

Leaders of Britain First and other notorious extremists are having their accounts closed down. But how effective will Twitter be in banning users who promote violence and hatred?

HOPE trumps hate – 26,684 times

12.06.17 By Safya Khan-Ruf, journalist

“Even just holding a card with the words Hope Trumps Hate can be a powerful thing,” said Mohammed Ali, a project manager for Faiths Forum for London, outside the US embassy.

EXPOSED: Breitbart writer’s vile racist group

12.05.17 By Charlie Prentice, Researcher

Jack Hadfield's secret Facebook group is populated with Holocaust jokes, antisemitic conspiracies, nazi posts and sick comments aimed at Jo Cox – it also includes Tory activists and UKIP’s youth leader.

Trump retweets British far-right, anti-Muslim extremist

11.29.17 By Patrik Hermansson, Researcher

Donald Trump just retweeted three videos by British anti-Muslim extremist Jayda Fransen.

HNH explains… the cult of Kek

11.15.17 By David Lawrence, Researcher

One of the Alternative Right’s most widely spread memes is “Kek”, an ancient Egyptian frog-god supposedly remaking the modern world.

Our legal challenge against Nigel Farage: we won!

11.14.17 By Nick Lowles, Founder and CEO

I am very happy to announce that Nigel Farage has now withdrawn his false claim that HOPE not hate is a “violent and undemocratic” organisation and has promised never to repeat it.

HNH explains… how the alt-right is funded

11.08.17 By Patrik Hermansson, Researcher

The alt-right is funded by a mixture of rich donors and crowdfunding by activists.

‘Stunning difference’ between Trump responses to terror attacks

11.02.17 By Safya Khan-Ruf, journalist

The Las Vegas and New York attacks drew sharply differing reactions from the President, revealing a lopsided approach to mass killings.

Trump imposes stricter refugee controls as he wrestles with travel bans

11.01.17 By Safya Khan-Ruf, journalist

President Trump’s latest executive order has resumed the United States refugee programme, toughening barriers for refugees entering the US from 11 separate countries.