HNH explains… the Red Pill

10.18.17 By Patrik Hermansson, Researcher

The Red Pill is a metaphor used by the Alternative Right and related conspiratorial communities for the process of awakening to the truth of some aspect of reality.

The fluidity of terror

10.12.17 By Safya Khan-Ruf, journalist

When is a terrorist a 'terrorist'… and when is it a lone wolf?

HNH explains… trolling and the alt-right

10.10.17 By Simon Murdoch, Researcher

The white nationalist alt-right, together with its ideological cousin the Western chauvinist ‘alt-light’, makes up what HOPE not hate calls the ‘Alternative Right’ movement.

Does the Alternative Right believe in free speech?

10.09.17 By Joe Mulhall, Senior Researcher

There is a gaping chasm between the rhetoric and reality of Alternative Right activists on the issue of free speech.

Major fake news creator dies – fake news remains

10.04.17 By Safya Khan-Ruf, journalist

A writer notorious for creating fake news stories during the 2016 US election has died at 38, after a suspected drug overdose in Arizona. But the booming fake news industry has not ended with him.

HNH explains… should we even call it the alt-right?

10.04.17 By Joe Mulhall, Senior Researcher

One of the questions we get asked more than any other is whether we think the term ‘alt-right’ should be used at all. This was especially the case in the wake of the tragic events in Charlottesville.

HOPE not hate explains… the alt-right

09.28.17 By Joe Mulhall, Senior Researcher

Our new blog series will explore every aspect of the alt-right.

Milo’s ‘Free Speech Week’ over in 20 minutes

09.25.17 By Joe Mulhall, Senior Researcher

After the collapse of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Free Speech Week, his face-saving demonstration at UC Berkeley can be considered a shambles.

Battle for cartoon frog co-opted by alt-right continues

09.22.17 By Safya Khan-Ruf, journalist

Pepe’s creator has sent takedown notices to alt-right websites in the latest clash over his green cartoon frog turned hate symbol. The popular meme is being used as a mascot for alt-right and far-right groups to spread racist, Islamophobic and antisemitic content online.

Infiltrating the alt-right

09.22.17 By HOPE not hate

Many students volunteer or take up part time jobs during their studies and Patrik was no different. But he volunteered with HOPE not hate to infiltrate the far right, running a parallel life as Erik both online and in person.