Hindu Mysticism and the Alt-Right

03.23.18 By David Lawerence

The alt-right- which attracts rascist cranks from a variety of far-right philosophies- has revived a number of esoteric thinkers and fascist gurus of the 20th century

The Slur Heard Round the World

03.11.18 By Ctrl Alt-Right Delete

Generation Identity: European Far-Right Group Launch in America

03.09.18 By Simon Murdoch

A few weeks ago, HOPE not hate reported on the increasing influence of the European identitarian far-right movement in North America.

Libertarianism and the Alternative Right

03.04.18 By Patrik Hermansson, Researcher

A yellow flag depicting a rattlesnake and four words written below: “DONT TREAD ON ME” is increasingly a common sight at rallies connected to the Alternative Right in the US.

Systematic Failures

02.25.18 By Ctrl Alt-Right Delete

Fake News, the Alt-Right and Florida

02.23.18 By Right Response Team

It’s important to understand how the far right use fake news before we can effectively combat it.

Mueller cracks a cold one

02.18.18 By Ctrl Alt-Right Delete

Frogs and elephants

02.11.18 By Ctrl Alt-Right Delete

Identitarianism In America

02.10.18 By Simon Murdoch

The American alt-right is increasingly adopting the ideas, tactics and imagery of the young, tech-savvy European identitarian movement.

Holocaust denier and white supremacist set to become Republican nominee for congressional seat

02.05.18 By Safya Khan-Ruf, journalist

A former leader of the American Nazi party is poised to get the Republican nomination for a US congressional seat in Illinois, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Sunday.